Employee Volunteering
The Foundation facilitates social volunteering opportunities for the various employees of the Great Eastern Group. The aim is to nurture a dynamic employee engagement culture at Great Eastern wherein employees are exposed to different social realities. Furthermore, by including employees as a key component in all CSR projects, the Foundation aims to move beyond basic compliance and foster a real sense of ‘Corporate Social Awareness’ in the organization, thereby helping employees experience the joy of sharing.

As part of the employee engagement project, the Foundation has conducted a number of different activities, all aimed towards exposing employees to the social realities in India and consequently fostering a sense of volunteerism in them. Some of these activities include:
  • Orientation Field Trips for employees: Individuals who signed up were taken to the NGOs being supported as well as some of the destitute care homes of the city.
  • CSR Talks by prominent leaders: In order to showcase the amazing work happening in the social sector, the Foundation also invites prominent NGO leaders to speak to employees. These ‘CSR Talks’ help employees to better understand the massive role that NGOs play in developing our country as well as the potential role each employee can have in contributing towards society. As of date, a number of NGO leaders have spoken to employees including Gaurav Singh (Founder of 3.2.1. Education Foundation), DevalSanghavi (Partner and Co-Founder of Dasra), ShaheenMistri (Founder of Akanksha Foundation & CEO of Teach For India), Dr. Sam Taraprevala (Director of Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC)) and Shloka Mehta (Director, Rosy Blue Foundation)
  • Assistance of NGOs: Employees with particular sets of skills (such as management training or a sound knowledge of finances) have volunteered their time to assist and train NGO staff.
  • Blood Donation Drives: GECSRF has partnered with KEM Hospital to conduct routine blood donation drives at the head office. The blood donated by our employees are given free of charge to patients from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Books and Clothes Donation Drives: GECSRF has partnered with the WishingWell Foundation to conduct donation drives in our offices. The books donated have gone free of cost to various libraries in low income areas while the clothes were distributed to various orphanages and NGOs across the city.