Company Policy
'Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. - Company Policy'
With utmost consideration for the Safety of Life and Property and the Protection of Environment, the Company dedicates itself to meet the expectations of its Customers and the aspirations of its Stakeholders by ensuring that effective Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems are in place that comply with the relevent National and International Codes, Standards Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

In line with our strategy to be a market leader, a preferred safe service provider and an Organization caring for the environment, we shall monitor and ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of our systems, leading to excellence.

With our firm belief in team success, we shall achieve our objectives by providing training and adequate resources to a highly motivated and an empowered workforce with due regard to their health and safety.
27th March 2008

'Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. - Integrated Management System Policy'
Recognising that achieving excellence in respect of safety, protection of environment, quality, occupational health and safety (OH&S), and security is paramount to the success of our business, we give highest importance to theses aspects. Accordinginly we commit ourselves to:

  • Understanding and meeting the requirements and needs of our customers and striving to exceed their expectations.
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, agents and company personnel.
  • Improving operational,technical and commercial performance of ships operated by us.
  • Complying with applicable Flag and Port State legisiations and other requirements, as applicable in respect of environment and OH&S and those applicable to quality aspects of our service.
  • Maintaining an optimum spare parts inventory based on critical equipment and system redundancy identified on all vessels.
  • Providing for safe practices in ship operation and a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Identifying all relevant hazards to the safety, health and security, assessing the risks and establishing safeguards against all identified hazards, threats and risks.
  • Ensuring that adequate attention is paid towards selection and career development of shore-based and shipboard personnel, with a view to ensure that all responsible persons are fully competent to perform the task that they are entrusted with
  • Continually enhancing the safety management skills of personnel ashore and on-board ships including preparing for emergencies related to safety, protection of environment and security.
  • Establishing and monitoring the health standards of employees working in the shore-based offices and on-board the ships.
  • Continually improving the performance and effectiveness of our quality, environmental and OH&S management systems.
  • Preventing all types of pollution of sea by oil, garbage, sewage and other harmful substances.
  • Reducing air pollution and reducing-recyclling-reusing all types of waste.
  • Preventing accidents, illnesses, damages, losses and deficiencies in our service.
  • Conserving all types of natural resources including energy.
It is ensured that senior officers have appropriate experience and training on the particular type and size of ship. Company provides career development for junior officers and amis to recruit senior officers from within the company where possible. Senior officers are encouraged and appraised to always lead by example in safety-related issues.

Company commits itself to providing adequate resources and training to its personnel, whether shore-based or on board ships, to meet the requirements of this policy. It ensures that all personnel understand the policy and urges them to do everything possible to implement the same at all times.
08th December 2005