I am a G E Shipping shareholder. How do I obtain more information? Can my dividends be directly deposited into my bank account? I have lost my share certificate. How can it be replaced? I recently moved. Whom should I contact for change of address? I am not a shareholder. Where can I obtain more information about G E Shipping? When was G E Shipping founded? What is the corporate status of G E Shipping? Where are G E Shipping shares traded? What is the G E Shipping ticker symbol? Does G E Shipping pay dividends? What Fiscal Year does G E Shipping follow? Who are G E Shipping's auditors? Who can I contact for information regarding a career at G E Shipping?
Demat (Dematerialisation)
Primary Terms? ISIN How do I demat my shares? How can I deal with shares held in electronic form? What are the charges to be paid for dematting the physical shares and who will bear such cost? How do I get my dividends on dematted shares? Will I get the Annual Report after I demat my shares and would I be able to attend the AGM? What are the chances of any fraud / disputes in using a Demat account? Whom should I approach in such cases? Can I pledge my shares in demat form for the purpose of availing any funding/loan arrangement with my bankers? Whom should I contact for queries regarding my demat account?
Transfer of Shares - Physical Form
I have purchased G E SHIPPING shares. What is the procedure for registration? What is the time frame involved? Where should I send the shares for transfer? I want to add another joint-holder to my shareholding. What is the procedure that I should follow? What is the stamp duty payable on transfer of shares? What are the charges to be paid for dematting the physical shares and who will bear such cost? I hold shares in two (or more) folios. Can I consolidate the folios?
Transmission of Shares
In case of joint holdings, in the event of death of one shareholder, how do the surviving shareholders get the shares in their names? If a shareholder holding shares in his sole name dies without leaving a will, how can his legal heir/s (either husband/wife/son/daughter) get the shares transmitted in their names?
I have not received my dividend. What action do I take? What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate dividend warrant? Why do the shareholders have to wait till the expiry of the validity period of the original warrant? Couldn't you issue stop payment instructions to the bank for the original warrant and issue a duplicate immediately? In order to protect against fraudulent encashment, I want to incorporate the details of my bank account in my dividend warrant. What is the procedure that I should follow? Can my dividend be credited directly to my bank account? What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)? How can I avail of the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) facility? Is the ECS facility available across the country?
Change of Address
If there is a change in my address, what is the procedure to get it recorded with the Company? Can joint holders request for a change in address? Can there be multiple addresses for a single folio?
How do I make a nomination with regard to my shareholding? Do I have to send the share certificates along with the nomination form? My shares are held in joint names. Are the joint holder/s nominees to the shares? Can a nomination once made be changed? What is the procedure for the nominee to get the share in his name? Can the nominee sell the shares without registration in his favour? What is the procedure? I have shares in the demat form. Can I send the nomination form to the Company for making a nomination with respect to my shareholding?
Loss of Share Certificates
I have lost/misplaced my share certificates. What are the steps that I should take to obtain duplicate share certificate?
Which are the stock exchanges where G E SHIPPING shares are listed and traded? What are the share codes of G E SHIPPING? I would like to gift some shares to my children/relatives. How do I get them registered in their names? Does it involve stamp duty?