About the Organization
Antarang Foundation works with economically disadvantaged youth and helps themin the meaningful transition from education to employment. Antarang works with the 14 – 25 year age continuum through 2 structured programs
  • Career Aware - 14-17 year old children are given 15 hours of training over 5 sessions on various subjects to help them chart their career
  • Career Ready – 17-25 year olds undergo a 3 months training (5 modules) on various topics such as self-awareness, work ethics, spoken English. They are then connected with mentors and potential employers.

Our Involvement
GECSRF supportis covering 40 CareerAware groups and 18 CareerReady groups over a 12 month period. Through these two programs, more than 1300 children and young adults will receive quality inputs to complete their education, learn a skill and get a job/livelihood.