Mann Deshi Foundation (MDF)
About Mann Deshi Foundation (MDF)
MDF was founded in 1996 by Ms. Chetna Sinha. MDF works to create women entrepreneurs through skill-based training programs. Its aim is to create rural women entrepreneurs, build sustainable opportunities for livelihood for these women and mainstream them to become an important part of the country’s economic growth. The Mann Deshi umbrella of organizations currently serves 5 districts in the province of Maharashtra and 2 districts in the province of Karnataka. MDF operates:

  • The Mann Deshi bank (7 full time branches)
  • 7 Mann Deshi Business School (one at each bank branch)
  • 3 Mobile Business Schools
Our Involvement
GECSRF funds are helping MDF build and develop a business school in Mhaswad, (Satara district) in which rural women will receive business management training. Through our funding, more than 9000 women will receive the training needed to successfully run their own businesses.