Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action (SNEHA)
About the Organization
SNEHA is a Mumbai based NGO that works in Mumbai’s slums to reduce maternal mortality, new born mortality, malnutrition and domestic violence. SNEHA runs a number of ‘SNEHA Centres’ across Mumbai Slums where community organizers work with individual residentsthrough home visits (to check on the status of children and mothers), group meetings, community events, referrals for appropriate services (such as doctors) and informal meetings. In addition, SNEHA also runs day care centres in which a teacher and a helper support children under 5 years of age with malnutrition, through feeding of Medical Nutrition Therapy, supplements, growth monitoring, personal hygiene and stimulation activities, medical screening and treatment with home follow-up by resource centre workers.

Our Involvement
GECSRF is supporting once ’SNEHA Centre’ in Govandi that will cater to approximately 4000 households living in extremely vulnerable conditions.